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Founded in 2006 Karvan-e-Royal is among the most prestigious names in travel and event management companies. We proudly present each and every travel related amenity and luxury along with world class event management facilities for not only Corporate and Business sector but also recreational and adventure trips for families and travel enthusiasts. Also our devoted pilgrimage tours to all Islamic religious sites are highly commended.

Karvan-e-Royal Packages

  • Dream Holiday
  • Corporate Events
  • Visas, Passports and relevant documentation provision

Dream Holiday

Planning your dream holiday has never been easier and more rewarding than with Karvan-e-royal.

Visit Australia, the land of extraordinary landscape and natural beauty. Explore the magnificent outback, visit world’s greatest natural wonders, and witness its exceptional wildlife. Or holiday in Malaysia; relax, pamper yourself with fabulous food and layback on its stunning coastline. Craving history and majesty this holiday season? Opt for Turkey or Greece or Venice, You are guaranteed an outstanding cultural expedition with exceptional hotel and fine dining experiences when traveling with Karvan-e-Royal. Happy Holidays!

Corporate Events

Give your business the extra boost that it needs to jump in the limelight by getting your corporate events organized at the cerebral business cities around the world. Be it travel management, travelers’ security concerns, seamless hotel stays, perfect dining options or appropriate event management, Karvan-e-Royal will ensure it all. Our events at Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Beijing have been astounding success stories for the clients. Think big and Karvan-e-Royal will be with you each step of the way to deliver its top-notch services for your victory.

Visas, Passports and relevant documentation provision

With Karvan-e-Royal, there is no need to wait in long queues for your travel documentations. We present to you the most convenient visa and passport services in addition to all other travel related amenities to make your travel plans hassle free. Providing our customers with prompt updates about their visa and passport is our priority. A SMS on your cellphone will give you all the information of your documentation status.

Be it a collective business trip or a personal tour, your documentations are always in competent hands.

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